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I have got to say this....

My A4 is a dog!

I got it new in 2000, it is a 132kw 1.8TQ with a whole bunch of extra bits.

I know it is now 2005 and I have now done 120,000km in it. The car is now pretty used up.

new clutch 30,000 km
burns oil(lots)
new supension arms 80,000 km
new ABS controller(expensive) 100,000
window switches,
dash display,
bonnet pull because the hood has had to be lifted so much(I kid you not)
list goes on
Airbag light has now come on(actually I dropped it off for an audi service and it came back with it on)
gearbox sounds screwed and has done from about 80,000, jerks in 5th gear when cruising.

I love driving it but cannot bring myself to get another Audi.

Thinking about getting a 'cheap' car to service like a Maserati, but will proabably get a boring Merc
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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