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The question then is who, in the American market is interested in a TDI (Turbo Diesel)? I for one am very interested. 45.6 miles to the gallon, how's that for interested?

I am willing to give up a little horsepower for much increased fuel economy and greater low-end torque.

I know Audi is gun shy about offering a diesel engine in the US after the difficulties in the 80s. However as Americans we always want the best of both worlds, luxury and great fuel economy. I also know that until next June offering a TDI engine will be impossible due to the dirty fuel currently available. In June of 2006 all commonly available diesel fuel will contain 15 parts per million sulfur content as opposed to the current diesel that has 500-1000 ppm sulfur.

I believe at this moment, due to conversations I have had with Audi USA and local dealers, that the only way to get a TDI into America by fall of 06 for the 07 or 06.5 market is to put pressure on Audi. Audi is a business; all businesses want to keep their customers happy. I am looking to get into a bigger car like the A6 but currently own a 02 A4 1.8T. A 3.0 TDI A6 would make me very happy indeed.
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