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Dear Audi people

I wondered if you could help me. I have a 1999 version of the above
and was surprised to find that the unit which holds the number plate
lights was showing signs of corrosion. Have any members had a similar
experience and did Audi agree to correct the fault free of charge?

My car has been inspected by Xan coachworks, London, UK and they have just
submitted a report to Audi. They were of the view that Audi would not
agree to assist and I would have to meet the costs. They also said
the unit was made from aluminium and not galvanised steel. I wondered if
this could lead to an electrolytic reaction or is copper wiring

>From experience I had water that dripped over a copper pipe and
caused corrosion on an aluminium saucepan below!

Thanks :(

Kim Chowns
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