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Hello to you all

This e-mail explains how to resolve that problem with the snroof drains

The B5 has 4 drains in the sunroof, two to the front of the car and two to the rear at the corners of the sun roof asembley. These are attached to pipes which are press fit on and as you can see from this forum do come off causing water to apear on the floor of your car.

Solution: remove the front, rear and side upright plastic protectors, be carefull as this plastic is hard and can crack easy. Remove your support handles, sunvisor and loosten door rubbers top section only. Note you do not need to take you roof panel out for this action only need to move it enough to get your hand in. Once you have done this you will most likely see the drain pipe loose (It might be just touching and appear to be in place: check by pulling lightly). If they are all secure it might be that they are blocked but this is not likley. In block using a wire or blow out if you can.

Hint: If you car stands on a level surface when is gets wet check the corner taht is wet first as only one drain pipe could have come loose.

Re-assemble all of the above and presto you have no more smelly car interior.

Note: the only way to get to the sunroof except replacing the glass window is from the inside of the car

I hope this helps
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