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I just picked up my first Audi ever, and like with most of cars I've owned, I need to go through a learning curve. Your help, and expertise in this project will be very appreciated.
I wanted to get A4 Avant All Terrain, but it is not available in US. So, I've decided to get whatever is available, and throw some add-ons to fulfill my requirements.
Here is what I intend to do:
1. Suspension - I want to install adjustable shocks, so I can lower the ride in summer for cooler look, and lift it in winter for the snow setup. I don't know how easy it is to access rear shocks to make adjustments, but I rather go with button operated than manual. Any brand you would recommend?
2. I really liked Titanium package, but was told it is no longer offered, and couldn't find one in local inventories. I want to change grill w/ euro plate holder (taking car to europe this fall), roof railings (seems very easy swap), and wheels (OEMs in package are fine, but hard to find; does anyone know specs of those?) Can you guys recommend good retailer, or parts manufacturer?
Thanks to All in advance.
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