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Hi Guys

First post!!

Was moving house on the weekend car was running beautifully as they do.

Anyway i borrowed a mates ute and had mine parked for maybe 5 hours and when i came back turned the key to get the sound of the starter engaging but not spinning. I have got underneath and gave it the usual bashing and got no love. I dont have the room to roll start it but the little room i have i utilised to try and the engine isnt ceased not that it should be but my mind tends to think the worst straight away.

I have checked the wires and they are good.

Any ideas?? I have a new one on the way but would love it if i could get it started once so i can take it to the new place.

on a seperate note the audi dealership quoted me $776 just for the new starter and i managed to get one shipped from the states to australia for $130.
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