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I need to sell my 2000 Stage 3 S4, mostly because I'm finding that I can't handle the power. Last night I sideswiped a roadsign taking out the passenger sidemirror, causing significant paint scratches on the side doors, and denting the front of the back wheelwell. Being a 21 year old kid, this may not be the time in my life to own this car.

I can't get any pics of the damage up, but its really not as bad as it sounds....probably about a grand of work with bargains. Can any of you guys estimate the worth of the car in its current condition?

-The car has an ABT Stage IV RS4 upgrade including RS4 K04 turbos.
-AMS/ABT Chipped
-Downpipes and a Borla Exhaust
-18" RS4 Rims
-Brand New Pirelli Tires
-RS4 Clutch
-ABT Suspension
-Neuspeed Shortshift Kit
-Blitz Turbotimer (with a Boost Gauge)
-AMS Throttle Body Boot
-Front Euro Headlights
-Passport Radar Detector

What do you guys think this would be worth? I know pictures would help, its in great condition otherwise.
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