I sell upgrade kits for the front dash speakers (non-B&O) and full front dash and rear deck speakers (B&O only) for B8/B8.5 model Audis. These kits will not fit other chassis models so please don't ask. Here's a link to the full description and price list with lots of photos:

I have DIY kits that include the mounting brackets, all hardware for securing the speakers to the brackets, and wiring harnesses that connect the speakers to the OEM wiring harness in your car for an easy plug and play installation. Mount the speakers to the brackets and either connect the wiring harness with crimp lugs (pre-installed on request) or solder the wires to the speaker terminals. You literally unplug the OEM speakers and plug in the new ones. It is really that simple. The speakers used in the kits are not state of the art, but they are a vast improvement over the OEM speakers provided by Audi and they won't break the bank in the process. These are by far the best bang for the buck sound upgrade you can perform on your Audi. Please note that the wiring harnesses shown in the attached phot are older harnesses. I have newer harnesses that use the same connectors but are of a better construction with braided sleeving. The top speaker in the photo is a replacement for a B&O outer dash and rear deck speaker. The center speaker in the photo is for the dash center speaker location and is the same for both B&O and non-B&O systems. The bottom speaker in the kit is for the outer dash locations for the non-B&O system. The center dash speaker and the outer dash and rear deck speakers in the B&O system are all 4-ohm speakers and the crossover frequency for those speakers is set by the digital processor in the amp. The outer dash speakers for the non-B&O system come with a 10 uF capacitor that acts as a high pass filter for the tweeter as those speakers share the same amplifier channel as the front door woofers.

I can provide you with links to order the speakers from Parts-Express if you live in the U.S. If you live outside of the U.S. I can provide you with links to the nearest distributors for the speakers in your region. If you are unable to get them locally then let me know and I can arrange to provide you with a complete kit including the speakers. Just be aware that the shipping could be expensive and you will be responsible for any import duties. I normally sell the complete kits with the speakers, but lately I've been selling them out faster than I can keep them in stock. I always have plenty of the DIY kits on hand. I basically sell the kits with the speakers at the same cost that Parts-Express charges so there's no real cost savings to order the kits with the speakers from me. I have sold over 100 kits to Audi enthusiasts all over the world and have received nothing but positive feedback from my customers. I have the same kit installed in my 2014 A4.

I ship the kits anywhere in the world and I accept PayPal. Please note that the price listed in this post is not the actual price as the cost varies depending on which kit you purchase. I do not sell upgrade kits for the door speakers or subwoofers so please don't ask for such kits or recommendations. There are lots of aftermarket options for speakers in those locations which is why I do not offer them.

You can send any inquiries to [email protected]. Please include your shipping address and I will provide you with an actual quote for shipping and total cost. If you live outside of the U.S. please include a daytime phone number for the shipping bill.