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For several days I've been trying to figure out why the rear left-hand side footwell carpet was constantly saturated with clean fresh water (several wrung-out towels full), even when there's been no recent rain. Not the rear washer leaking, no leaks from heater hoses etc, no loss of known fluids, but the tray under the bonnet (hood) holding battery, brake servo etc. (just forward of the windshield) contained approx. 1" of rainwater, which must have been finding its way along heater tube (or within chassis section) directly to this footwell. If you live in a wet climate, make sure the drain hole in the rubber grommet holding the heater tubes that pass through this shelf is kept clear (or dislodge the grommet a bit), or provide your rear passengers with a snorkel.

UK ('98 Avant)
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