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Soft Top Problem

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hi everyone, just registered and was wondering if anyone can find a solution to my prob. we recently bought an audi convertible 2.6, all is fine but then when we closed the soft top it stopped half way. we checked the manual as you do and then copied everything it said, same thing happens. it eventually goes down once you have opened, tried to close etc etc. our drive is slightly raised, so we tried in on flat ground, same thing. are we doing anything wrong as when the bloke showed us it worked ok :( please can you help before my wallet is empty.

:puzzled: :puzzled: :puzzled:
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Check the hydraulic fluid level. It's a little tricky to get to the pump, but you may find your problem there. The pump is located on the right side of the trunk under the paneling. With the paneling and spare tire removed, you should be able to look under the crossbar to see the level. If it's low, you will need to add Pentosin Hydraulic Fluid (the same $$$ stuff used in the power steering pump.) The fluid plug is located on top of the pump and is brass with a hex head. Use a small funnel to add the fluid and be careful not to overtighten the plug when putting back in. Hope this cures your problem!
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