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hi all-

i just bought a 1999 a6 avant quattro in cashmere on dark grey. havent' gotten it home from the dealership yet, but i test drove the one i purchased exhaustively and i'm very excited about her.

i have one immediate gripe with it- the lcd display in the gauge panel is a bit hard to read (like its malfunctioned- i bought it from a saturn dealer and they won't fix it for me so i wonder if it is an easy fix/common problem/something i can fix myself).

briefly about myself- i'm 22 years old an taking a year off to work between college and law school. I'm currently working deliverying heavy appliances. I bought this car because i love to ski, and needed the room in the back for my other business (i build custom vehicles on the side). The only other vehicle i've ever owned is a 1996 explorer that i'm retiring for only shows from now on. I hand made the interior and exterior from fiberglass and metal. modifications include- complete molded on body kit, one-off grille, shaker hood, suicide rear doors, air bag suspension (lays skid plates on ground/lifts to stock height), custom paint, fiberglass dash with 17" lcd, true dual zone 10,000 watt dolby 5.1 surround sound system that is capable of 155 decibels with minimal distortion, fiberglass doors/headliner/subwoofer box etc. etc. i have a feeling i'm rambling on about that truck on the wrong forum... lol probably not many here care.

essentially i got tired of the looks and attention that goes along with that car and i wanted something completely inconspicuous yet wonderful to commute in to work and school for the next 4 or 5 years until i am a lawyer. i considered quite a few other vehicles but so far am very happy with my decision.
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