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Should I "chip" It?

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just bought a 2001 1.8t quattro and i understand that noticeable difference in HP with a quick chip.
I have the Neuspeed chip eyed up as a matter of fact........

My question is, at what price do you pay for this HP? Obviously if these engine tweeks could have been done for the HP gain with NO negative effects to your engine, the factory would have done it, lets face it a price of a car IS affected by what HP it puts out...
My first guesses would be blown gaskets, less life span on the turbo, less engine life even, but i'm just making educted assumptions.....

So, what do you guys know about this?

oh, and i have a post on snow tires i could use some help on....


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well, any type of modification to a car CAN have negative effects to it...

The things is, my modifying cars you usually sacrifice something else..

Sometimes it reliability, sometimes weight, sometimes fuel know what i mean..

ALOT of people have used these aftermarket chips, and to tell you the truth, you could argue that they are probably the safest performance mod you can do for your car..
Lots of hours or research and testing have produced the final product, and alot of people have had them installed... I dont know of anybody complaining about one yet...

Basically, the main negative effect you might get from chipping your car is reduced fuel economy...
the hp gains are quote noticable indeed, and you'll get addicted to the quest for more power quickly! hehe

What they basically do is increase, and maintain a higher lever of boost than the factory computer...and it does this without getting any errors from the cars computer, thats because it's done properly..

I'd definately consider it, it's a great first upgrade along with an exhaust and possibly air filter, or just modifaction to the inlet pipe..

Can anyone else offer some more info? I didn't really go into that much detail..

i'm sure you wont be dissapointed..

good luck with it!
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just get the chip! you will NOT regret it!

GIAC = more aggressive

Neuspeed = less expensive, but less power

AWE = same power as GIAC but less aggressive, more smooth power band
I had a 2002 A4 1.8 Red T quattro last year!It was 190bhp out of the factory!I got it chipped and it brought it up to 250bhp!Another bit of messin with the ECU and it came up to 296bhp!The fuel consumption was much better when you drive it easy!Even when you drove it hard it was stil easy on petrol!The factory only set the car up like that 2 cover them incase anything happens!Cars can b tuned far more than they come out of the factory!They set the limits of the car 2 what they want not wat u want!I now have 2005 1.8T quattro and i have the same chip and the same messing with the ECU!It also has a sequential turbo which never drops off the power!It was 163bhp out of the factory and it's now 311bhp!I never had 1 bit of trouble with the last 1 and this new 1 is just unreal!The power is savage!Subaru STI's and Mitso Evo 8's have a job keeping up with it!They couldn't even keep up wit the last 1!
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