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I have just bought an 2002 Audi A2 1.6 FSI. When I test drove it the onboard computer dipslayed 11700 miles until the next service. The car had been serviced 2000 miles ago.

When I collected the car a week later, the onboard computer dipslayed 7400 miles until the next service. I have had the car for 2 weeks and have driven around 300 miles, a mix of city and motorway driving, mainly over the weekends. I checked when the next service was due, and it is now telling me 5400 miles!

I have spoken to an audi dealer who told me that the mileage displayed is dependant on how you drive the car e.g motorway mileage or city driving.

I can't work out how in only 2 weeks, 300 miles later, that the original mileage of 11700 until the next service, has been reduce by over half??

Can anyone shine some light on this topic?

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