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I have an A4 2.5 tdi Quattro and I've just change the engine's oil and made other maintenance. I have reset the service information on the panel but I don’t know how to set the date and kilometres for the next service. Can someone instruct me to do that?


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Just leave it, After about 50 to 100 Miles it will update it's self and tell you how many days and Miles/K's - it needs to work an average out,

hi there

This is already on another B6 forum but here you go anyway..

Step 1: Turn off engine
Step 2: Turn on ignition while holding button with the wrench
"SERVICE!" will pop up on the display
Step 3: Press the button that clears out the trip counter and the display should be cleared.

Simple as that!
Im not sure if its the same on the A3 - IT works perfect on my A4 (B6)

Maybe try posting out on the A3 forum,

1 - 3 of 7 Posts
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