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Service Questions

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I have two questions:
1. When an oil change is performed, is the computer manually reset, or does the computer just know when the oil is bad?

I know it is a stupid question, but I have to ask. Prior to my A4, I had a Jeep Grand Cherokee that I had to manually reset.

2. If a 1.8t with 37,000 miles, went 17,000 miles without service, should I be concerned about the engine? At the very minimum, I am going to change the oil now every 3000 miles for a while to flush it out good.....

The reason I am asking is because today my oil pressure light came on. I was about 5 miles from a dealer, so I drove it there. They immediatly put me in a rental and said it could be up to two weeks before it could be fixed-- apparently this is a problem with the B6 A4s??? While I was getting the rental, they called me back in, very concerned (it was a dealer that I did not buy the car from, but is one of the best in the region). I bought the car with 29,000 miles on it and was told at the time that service had been performed. It is now at 37,000 miles and the computer said that there was 2000 more miles until service was due. Well, in the Audi service computer, the last service of record was the 20,000, so I was 17,000 miles without service (and thus, the reason behind question 1-- I want to find out if they reset it without doing the service, leading me to beleive it had been).

I was pretty upset and called my salesman. I only bought the car in the begining of December and this was the FOURTH time it was in for service (towed in on Christmas Eve for ignightors, then wiper pump went, then right headlight dipped).

The dealership I purchased it from said they will take care of everything, even if they have to tow it (on their dime) to thier garage to fix (about 35 miles). They admitted that service had not been completed as I was told when I purchased it (it was Audi Certified, with the remaining 50,000 mile warrenty, and the additional 50,000 mile extended warrenty).

I am considering selling the car once it is fixed because of all the problems I have had (search on my user name, they all are pretty well documented here.... sorry for all the long posts guys....).
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I replaced an engine on a GTI once. It's a big job.

-get confirmation of your warranty status. New engine should have a warranty that exceeds the rest of the exisiting warranty
-watch the garage floor or driveway for spots. Repalcing the engine is a big job. Invariably there will be a hose or connection or something that was overlooked by the mechanic and something will probably leak.
-why not get the clutch face inspected while they have the engine out?

Good luck.
Wow! Can't say I blame you for reacting this way. Your dealer's service dept. really #@$%s.....
Do yourself (and us) a favour. Send an email to the president of Volkswagen USA with your story,, including the BMW part.
If nothing else,,, it's cathartic.
Never want to say "I told you so" but look back at my post of Feb. 16 about watching the garage floor for leaks. But this sounds ridiculous..Your story reminds me of a guy that drives around our city in a Nissan that he bought new and has had nothing but misery with since. He eventually asked Nissan for a refund and they refused. In reply, he now drives around the city with his car painted up in all sorts of colors and with signs plastered all over it describing it as a #@$% box and how Nissan has screwed him over unmercifully. He is a mobile piece of negative advertising for Nissan. It's pretty extrenme but quite hilariuos to see.
Good luck.
1 - 3 of 13 Posts
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