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Service Questions

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I have two questions:
1. When an oil change is performed, is the computer manually reset, or does the computer just know when the oil is bad?

I know it is a stupid question, but I have to ask. Prior to my A4, I had a Jeep Grand Cherokee that I had to manually reset.

2. If a 1.8t with 37,000 miles, went 17,000 miles without service, should I be concerned about the engine? At the very minimum, I am going to change the oil now every 3000 miles for a while to flush it out good.....

The reason I am asking is because today my oil pressure light came on. I was about 5 miles from a dealer, so I drove it there. They immediatly put me in a rental and said it could be up to two weeks before it could be fixed-- apparently this is a problem with the B6 A4s??? While I was getting the rental, they called me back in, very concerned (it was a dealer that I did not buy the car from, but is one of the best in the region). I bought the car with 29,000 miles on it and was told at the time that service had been performed. It is now at 37,000 miles and the computer said that there was 2000 more miles until service was due. Well, in the Audi service computer, the last service of record was the 20,000, so I was 17,000 miles without service (and thus, the reason behind question 1-- I want to find out if they reset it without doing the service, leading me to beleive it had been).

I was pretty upset and called my salesman. I only bought the car in the begining of December and this was the FOURTH time it was in for service (towed in on Christmas Eve for ignightors, then wiper pump went, then right headlight dipped).

The dealership I purchased it from said they will take care of everything, even if they have to tow it (on their dime) to thier garage to fix (about 35 miles). They admitted that service had not been completed as I was told when I purchased it (it was Audi Certified, with the remaining 50,000 mile warrenty, and the additional 50,000 mile extended warrenty).

I am considering selling the car once it is fixed because of all the problems I have had (search on my user name, they all are pretty well documented here.... sorry for all the long posts guys....).
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Originally posted by bhb399mm@Feb 8 2005, 09:56 PM
the service indicator is manually reset
not the best idea but thats not even double the recommended service interval. if the oil was good quality oil you're also much better off. i wouldnt worry too much but i'd say you're on the right track with more frequent changes.
It was not intentional. I was lead to beleive that service was performed before I bought it, and the three other times it was in for service, they did not tell me it was due, and the car's computer still says that there are 2000 miles to go before service.
I have not decided what to do with the car. The first thing is to get it fixed. I just think I will loose a lot of money on it since I have put a lot of miles on it, and have had all the problems. I also do not want to have more problems down the road. I really need to understand how this all will impact my warrenty. If everything will continue to be warrentied, then I may keep it. If for some reason I loose part of my warrenty, I am going to unload it, and not get another Audi. I do love the car, when it is working properly.

It may be hard to sell it privatly though. Not sure if the certified warrenty will go with the car. Anyone know this?

Originally posted by Scott@Feb 9 2005, 02:22 PM
I'd probably unload the car, too - - but you're a more generous person than I. IMHO, if I understand your recent posts correctly, the dealer is on the hook here - - they misrepresented the condition of the car to you at the time of your purchase. They should work with you on this - - either take the car back and give you a refund, or, if you sell it privately, make up a significant portion of the difference between what you paid for the car and your selling price.
So I called the dealer finally (I was waiting for them to call me with an update, but I figured they were not going to call if they hadn't in the first 5 days.....). THey have to replace the engine.

Is there anything specific I should check, or ask when the car is done?
Well, I got the car back yesterday. I am really appalled at the level of service I get at that dealership. Giving back my rental car took longer than picking up the car.

When they did give me the car, it was not washed (they say that they will always wash the car), in fact, I wish they would have washed it before they did the work because the car was dirty (it is winter here!), and there are greasey fingerprints in the dirt on the hood now. Hopefully no scratches.

But the kicker to me with service is the fact that after having my car for two weeks, and putting in a new engine, they had no instructions for me. No-- hey, you ahve to break in the engine again, come back after a week to check, etc..... Nothing about when I should bring it in for the next oil change. Nothing-- here are your keys, the car is out front.

I had a Jeep before this, and anytime it was in for service, they would go over what was done, and ask if I had any questions. I went and asked questions yesterday, but all I got out of the guy was that I should not go over 55 mph for a 'while', and to keep on the same schedule for oil changes. And they were almost annoyed that I asked these questions. But it will come back to haunt them, my girlfriend has a TT that she wants to trade in on an A6, but now we are going to look at BMWs.

I really hope I get one of those curtosy calls because I am going to rip into them. I have decided to keep this car through mid summer, and dump it. I think this will be the last Audi I own.
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Oh, it is all going in a letter to Audi USA, but the story is not over yet..... Tonite, came home from work and parked in the garage. Went out to run an errand and there is almost a quart of oil on the ground, and one of the headlights is out, again..... Gonna call Audi roadside tomorrow morning and have it towed to the dealer. I am sooooo sick of this already.
Your post was the main reason I was watching for the puddle..... thanks!! they are going to look at it tomorrow morning. It is in the driver front area, maybe an oil cooler line is off or something..... Lost a quart in two days and 200 miles.

Originally posted by cheesemax@Feb 23 2005, 11:31 AM
Never want to say "I told you so" but look back at my post of Feb. 16 about watching the garage floor for leaks. But this sounds ridiculous..Your story reminds me of a guy that drives around our city in a Nissan that he bought new and has had nothing but misery with since. He eventually asked Nissan for a refund and they refused. In reply, he now drives around the city with his car painted up in all sorts of colors and with signs plastered all over it describing it as a #@$% box and how Nissan has screwed him over unmercifully. He is a mobile piece of negative advertising for Nissan. It's pretty extrenme but quite hilariuos to see.
Good luck.
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