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The serpentine belt tensioner failed and resulted in the tensioner coming apart and the belt shredding. This is the 30 valve 2.8.

I have the car in service mode thanks to some handy tutorials While I have it apart I am replacing the cam timing belt. I am at the part where it says to rotate the crank to TDC. Well, I can't... It stops short no matter which way I rotate it.

What do I check now? The timing belt looks great, but I want to replace it.

Anything i can check, besides pulling the heads off? Would taking the valve covers off show me anything? If so are there any articles on doing that?

Update: I checked and the crank will rotate perhaps 320 degrees. It just won't reach TDC. Is this indicative of a stuck valve or perhaps it jumped timing somehow when the serpentine belt shredded? The timing belt looks to be in good shape with plenty of tension. Any other areas to look?

Thank you all in advance.
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