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Seat Problems In 3 Door A3!

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Does anyone else have problems withthe seats in their A3?? When you move seats to let passengers in the back the seat back will return but the seat stays forward........any ideas?? is this a common problem?
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If you start tipping the back up straight before the bottom moves on the rails then it won't move. It's a bit of a pain but like the other poster said, you get the hang of it. :confused:
What to watch out for is don't force the back up if it doesn't want to go at any time. This can snap a piece of plastic in the mechanism and then you'll find the seat won't slide frorward when you tip it any more. According to my mate it happens a lot and it costs a fortune to fix at Audi as the seats are bonded together at places. Bit of a cheek as it's a design fault. I've done it to my passenger seat :mad: and trying to work out how I can fix it myself...
1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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