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I have my car B8 with MMI Plus (3G) kit which have SiM card slot. after insert SIM then telephone working fine , and bluetooth phone work also, my question is how can i know if this kit have voice control / SDS Control Module ? Due to when i press the PTT on wheel that give me information is "Button not used". and when i into engineering mode (Main / config), there tell me Langugae SDS: --OFF. so i bet this kit have SDS function. but question is how to activation that. BTW, i also used VCDS 11.3 version try to check 77-telephone and 67 -voice control , but can not detect out Module,and i read some related info on net said which can enable from 5F module by code. but i tested can not . (retrofit instructions: Interesting VAG-COM codes for Audi A5/A4 B8/Q5, many for A6/A8/Q7 as well (by LoCal) - Audi A6 Q7 A8 A4 A5 Retrofit Jälkiasennus Nachrüsten Retro-fit )

Here is my 5F code: 010700000206EBEF77001F0D00000002

J794 Part No. 8KD 035 670 B

Thanks someone can help around !

Best regards!

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