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Hi, Just wondering if anyone has any ideas.

I have an A4 advent 2001 B5 with a signal din concert radio. I'm trying to instal a BNS 4.2 satnav. I'm having trouble getting the DSI to recognise the satnav. I've recoded everything using VCDS-Lite (tried lots of combos). I've checked all the wiring against the Instal diagram that I downloaded, unfortunately its all in german but I'm sure its all okay.

The faults I'm getting in VCDS are:

Address 17: Instruments Labels: 8D0-920-***-17.LBL
Controller: 8D0 920 980 K
Component: B5-KOMBIINSTR. VDO D12
Coding: 00442
Shop #: WSC 00414
VCID: 33196A37123B
WAUZZZ8DZ1A047575 AUZ7Z0Y1535996
1 Faults Found:
01300 - Control Module for Navigation with CD-Rom (J401)
49-00 - No Communications

Address 37: Navigation Labels: Redir Fail!
Controller: 4B0 919 887 E
Component: BNS 4.2 H05 BNO 0040
VCID: 351D542F1C4F
1 Fault Found:
01317 - Control Module in Instrument Cluster (J285)
49-00 - No Communications

I'm guessing this means that I had a problem with the CAN bus somewhere. I've spent hours trolling Google and other audi forums with no luck. If anyone has any thoughts let me know.

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