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I welcome!
I Ukraina!
At a problem! :grin:
A question: BMW E38 740 or Audi S8 96-98 years.

Audi only from for a full drive.. And S8 because fur. 6 items a box, as well as at E38 740 are fur.

I read S8 (sports) and a suspension bracket at it hard on 30 % than at A8. Springs to mine can be put from A8, disks of 18 inches to change for 16 inches as on A8 that on our broken roads to go... Gasoline 98 small minus. Aluminium too a minus.
All is bad except for a full drive the BIG plus I consider! Or not big? Well still small plus, dispersal up to 100 km for 5.5 sec! It cool!
E38 740 up to 100 km for 6.6 sec. But it is trifles...

Now at thinking E38 728 fur. Very pleasant machine!
Rubber Pirelli years.
In the winter it is impossible to go.. On an ice as on skis and on a snow it is slipped on place ASC or as there it.. does not help!
On a wet snow went under a small hill of 40-50 km/h, on 4 transfer hardly has given gas and has floated on the left roadside... Controllability was a zerO as do not twist... Glory all has managed an egg!

Here also I think if to take full drive, that on to a snow, an ice and next.. There were no problems! Or it will be quite tolerant back also to leave (to call in) from garage on to a snow of 10-15 centimeters of a layer!?

On old Forward drive diesel on to a snow without problems, as a tractor.

The experience at thinking about 10 years, but experience it is small as I go once a week, and in the winter few times for all winter and i can not to leave because does not go on a snow and an ice, and there is no time that trainer to go in the winter by a back drive...
To go quickly I love on a straight line... If a rain or a snow that all.. The spot on a minus as has sufficed from me when on a roadside...
Roads at us broken... Holes, a dirt and so on...

Here and the main question:
The Full drive that all and everything, or enough back? Under identical conditions!
And on how many than the Audi will be more dear in service?

As I go once a week.. That in a year turns out about 6000 km.
Therefore and to serve will have very seldom...

Sorry bad english :innocent:


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No problem oh my brother. The 7 series is a fine machine no doubt. However, you will not be sorry that you have Quattro. This drive train is very stable in rain and snow. My A6 4.2 also has the sport suspension and my roads are not the best either. I have worn some front suspension bushings but nothing abnormal. My tire size is 275 X 17 40 series. As with anything you buy, be sure to have it checked by someone you trust. :thumbsup:
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