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I have a 2009 S5 from the US that I brought with me on my move to Germany. I have been trying to update the MMI Firmware so I can use the navigation in Europe. I updated to 5150 and then to 5570, but now the Nav still doesn't work, plus I have lost the backup camera and most of the options from the car setup menu. After researching, I have seen that others have had the same problem, but haven't come across anyone that resolved it.
At this point I just want to go back to my original USA firmware version and get it back to factory specs. I'll live without navigation for the next 2 years. Only problem is, I foolishly did not research what version I was running prior to upgrade.
It is a 2009 with the in-dash 6 disc changer and navigation DVD player in the trunk. I think this makes it MMI 2G? Anyone know what firmware version it came with and where I can get a copy? Thanks,

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