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I recently upgraded from the 3.0 A4 to the S4. I have neat little item called a radar/laser detector/GPS. While the detector has paid for itself, I use the GPS most the time and keep track of my speed (via satelite). With 4 to 6 satelites I consider it to be right on the money. I noticed when I put a set of track tires it was off 3.5-4 mph. When the speedometer read 80 I really was only doing 76. The dealer said they could change my computer to correct that if I kept those tires.

My new S4 reads about 3.5-4 mph off (same as above) and the dealer said it was something Audi did and nothing could be done about it. That was real fun last weekend in a club rally.

Anybody know of a cure other than changing my tire size?
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