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I was doing fine a week ago. Thought I'd decided on an S4 as was comparing with an A6 back then and decided the extra space wasn't needed and wasn't fussed about the Tiptronic box after a test drive. So thought what the hell, they were going to cost the same and really fancied something with the dual clutch and Drive Select options.

Having a brochure I'd seen in the A4 range there was no Diesel eqivalent so started negotiations with a view to the S4. Then I saw on the configurator that there is an A4 with the 3.0TDi and with S Tronic and drive select options too.

That shook up the decision because I start thinking about the reduced fuel costs over the next 6+ years based on mpg.

So help me out folks which one?

And specifically - anyone out there with the A4 I'm talking about that can share some real life mpg figures. Is 40 combined vaguely right? Can you get 50 on the motorway?

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