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Audi S3 Nitro 365Ps

The legendary in Greece Audi S3 Nitro with 365 Ps is one of Stratis Autosport "children".

Achieving 0-100 km/h in 6,15 sec without Nos and 5,4 with Nos his owner can stand on the side of most supercar.

Audi S3 Nitro is based on a 2002 model with a BAM engine of 225Ps. The first improvement changed its horse power to 287,4PS / 5,904rpm and it's torque at 38,3kgm / 4.105 rpm, without the use of ZEX.

When nitro is used S3 becomes a totally diferent car. It's horse power reaches 364,2Ps and it's torque from 38kgm goes up to 55,5Kgm/4.430rpm.

The Audi was part of a test for Greek Power Techniques magazine where it impressed everybody with its power and stability. The tests at Power labs showed the following:

The writer of the article said about the car :

- " In the way to Thebe we saw 275+km/h, and if there were some metres more road Labros would easily turn the speedometer around. I have to say that even with 260 + km/h, S3 was nailed to the road and was simply dominating the highway"

- "S3 perfomance put the road on fire, punishing many "Fast and Furious" creations while allowing you to carry 5 persons across long distances"


More fotos and info:
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