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Hi All
I'm new to the forum, like some, I guess a problem that's becoming a head ache and not so easily solved, leads us to join forums in the hope that other owners have experienced similar problems and may be able to help.
That's why I'm here anyway - hope someone can help me!!!
I have an S3 (99-T) when the headlight failure lamp came on I assumed that it was the bulb that needed replacing and thought nothing of it. Of course things are never that easy (or that cheap!!) and while the car was in for a service at Audi Preston, they reported back that they were of the opinion that the igniter had failed in the Xenon Headlight and it would have to be replaced - cost - £637.21(part = £457.31 + Vat + Labour)!!!!!
I have scoured the breakers sites with not much luck - got one from a place in Manchester it was the wrong part, place in London couldn't supply with Gas pack (??&*"!!!).
One would have thought that the life expectancy of this part (Hella) would be more than 6 years! I have written to Hella for their thoughts on this
Can any one offer any help, advice or share an similar experience?
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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