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Hi all.

I've had a 2001 S3 for the past year. After sorting out a plethora of issues caused by the previous owners abuse, I thought I was finally coming to the end of it. However, on the way back from a Superchips dealer last week, after having the tech re-flash the car and replace the MAF and air temp sensor aswell as a couple of vacuum hoses, when I joined the motorway and reached a speed of around 70 mph, the ESP warning light came on. It stayed on until I went to fill up with petrol around 30 minutes later. I thought this was a one off but, yesterday, again after getting to 70 mph and cruising there for around 30 seconds, the ESP light came on again. It doesnt seem to happen when I'm hard on the gas, to reach a speed but, when I've reached the 70 mph and have been cruising there for a few seconds or more.
I don't think this is anything to do with the re-flash but, I'm not ruling out that something has been disturbed whilst the guy was sorting out the other issues.

I've read a few posts on different forums about longditudinal and latitudinal speed sensors causing issues with the ESP, could mine be a similar case ?

Coincidentally, my battery is also on the way out and will be replaced this week. Could this be causing electrical issues ? I only ask as I've read that blown fuses have caused ESP issues also !

Any help or guidance would be much appreciated.


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