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Well, unfortunately I rolled my 1998 A6. I'm in love with the car and it is/was in PERFECT shape. Seems to be a decent amount of body damage but little front end or engine damage. I've posted pictures of the car on my site. Please check it out and see what you think. Progressive is claiming that I didn't have collision on it but I knopw I changed it when I bought the car.

I ran the car off the road and it rolled into a ditch. Luckily, there is very little damage to the roof. I'm going to be doing most of the work myself so any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. I am ordering a new Front driver's side fender and probably need new front doors.

The roof has 2 very minor dent's that I can live with, might just putty them and paint. The rear driver's side quarter panel is pretty messed up and I think need replacing. Any opinions here are greatly appreciated.

The interior is still in perfect condition and the car only has 47,000 miles on it. I need to replace the Front passanger's window and rear driver's side window and windshiled.

Is it possible to just replace the outter skin of the door (the metal part)?

The car was upside down for a while so a lot of oil drained into the cylinders. I pulld the plugs and turned the engine over and the oil squirted out. I thought that I had all the oil out, so I put the plugs back in and fired it up. It turned over about once and then locked up. I heard a crack or pop sound :eek: . I thought ***. Broke a rod or something.

I pulled the plugs and tried turning it over again. Oil came out again. It kept coming out the more I let it sit. I put a charger on the battery and kept turning it over. This really threw the oil out. I let it sit over night to see if oil drained into the cylinders, and turned it over without th plug in. No more oil!!! I put the plugs back in and fired it up :57: . It turned started up fine! It smoked like hell and hasn't stopped. I let it run for maybe 2-3 minutes, (probably 45 seconds at a time.) so I let it run about 4 times at 45 second intervals. The engine sounds fine except a little squeeking from what I think is the idler pulley (It was rolled in sandy/dirt soil and was wet adn raining out). Any idea what this could be?

Anyway. My question is why is it still smoking so much? Did I crack a piston ring? Is ther oild in the cat? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

Also, as far as parts. I'm paying out of pocket so any good suggestion s are greatly appreciated. I really like the look of thge 4.2 wide body. Is this a good time to do something like that?

Check out the pic here.

Thanks for any help!
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