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I have a Audi 164 but my wife has a Audi TT and she has just bought a pair of Retro-Fit Flatblade wipers like the ones you get on the new Polo’s etc.

Here is the link to the TT forum on this:

Apparently they use the same clip as normal arms so can be fitted on all cars, just thought I would give you all the heads up as I tried to get Bosch ones for my car and I needed to buy a replacement arm (£90 in total!!!!) and these blades only cost £19! The site they are talking about is and there is a link on their homepage for the Fusion Flatblades.

Might be worthwhile the Forum manager calling these people to arrange a discount like the TT boys have got! (10% meaning the blades cost £17!)

Hope this is good information (Been reading for a while but thought I would give something back to the community)

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