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Hi all,

I'm about to replace the original double din Chorus stereo (CD player) in my 57-plate A3 with an Alpine CDE-113BT unit. I've bought what I think are the right adaptors, but would be grateful if somebody could confirm this before I rip out my stereo (though I have pulled it out to have a look at the back and the existing connectors)

Firstly, I think I need an antenna adaptor and have bought one of these (PC5-136). To be honest, I'm not entirely sure what it does and not entirely sure if I've bought the correct one. The old Chorus had two Fakra connectors (if that's what the blue plug in the pic is called) and the existing loom in my A3 obviously also has two connectors. The Alpine has female end of what is the black connector in the pic. Did I buy the correct lead and does it matter that the loom has two Fakra connectors and I'll only be plugging something into one of them?

The current loom comes with a quadlock connector, so I've also bought an audio harness adaptor, a PC9-417. I think this is correct, well, I hope it is? On that webpage it mentions the three leads that need to be connected up seperately. What is "remote feed"? What does connecting the ignition wire do? Does it turn the stereo on with ignition on and off when ignition is off (silly question, I bet!)? Will it allow me to turn the stereo on if the ignition is off, or is that dependant on the stereo itself? I think I've read that the Illumination wire auto-dims the stereo when the headlights are on, is that correct? Finally, where do I actually connect these to!?

Sorry for the n00b questions, but I've only replaced a stereo once before and that was a lot easier. As you can see, I have done some research, so haven't come here completely clueless, but would like some help from you experts, if you'd be so kind.

PS is there anything else I need?
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