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Thought I would share with you all, how to replace the gear knob on an A3. Mine had cracked on the silver trim and was slicing my hand to pieces when I put it into reverse. I have replaced it with an aftermarket gear knob (Richbrook Speed Top Gear Knob for VW, Audi, Seat, Skoda - bought from
Anyway, here is the information I would have liked to have had prior to starting the job!

1) Pull on the leather gaitor evenly. This requires a bit of effort (and is the worst part). It will pull away, just hope that none of the 4 plastic "securing" lugs breaks.

2) Using a pair of pliers pull away the metal tie. This will take some time to do. (I also used a thin screwdriver to help pry it open).

3) The whole gearknob and gaitor can now be pulled off the gear stick.

4) Dismantle the gear knob from the leather gaitor - this all just pulls apart.

5) To fit the Richbrook gearknob, slide the lower sleeve onto the gear stick and tighten the grub screws with the supplied allen key. Note: this has to be positioned so that the gear knob just rests on the top of the gear stick.

6) Push the gearknob through the leather gaitor, it is a tight fit, but it will go. Note : This is best done with the gaitor "inside out". Don't forget to remove the gear indicator gap now, by poking it from inside the gearknob.

7) Secure the gaitor in place with a cable tie. Make sure it is a cable tie with a "small head". I would recommend that the head is on the stitched part of the gaitor on the dashboard side.

8) This is now ready for the gaitor & gear know to be put into position. The gaitor will click back into place (I chose to add a bit of lubricant, in the hope that if I have to do this again any time none of the holding clips will break). The gearknob will also click into position.

9) The final part is pushing the gear indicator cap home and then the job is done.

Note : The positioning of the metal sleeve is critical as there is only just enough leather material to allow access to all gears.

Here are some pictures that may help with this project.


Here are the original components
Audi A3 original gear knob parts.jpg
Here are the new parts - note that the grub screw from the gearknob has been removed as I could find no way to use it whilst cable tying the gaitor.
Audi A3 Richbrook replacement gear knob parts.jpg
The finished article!
Audi A3 Richbrook replacement gear knob in place.jpg

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Thats excellent imformation squashbeer as i know a few of us on the forum with A3 were looking on how to change the knob and nobody came to our aid ...

Great first post !!

Cheers T-sport :)
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