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Ok, this is what you get in the repair kit for the rear wiper motor:
(part number 8L0 998 711, cost 22 pounds + VAT)


You basically get the main fluid pipe and connector, a new paper seal for the wiper motor casing, a new nozzle for the jet, a couple of new rubber rings to sit around the top end of the main wiper shaft, and a brand new wiper shaft. Oh, and two small tubes of grease (different types it would seem).
The wiper shaft connects to the main motor gear in the existing motor. They probably provide this because the top part of the fluid pipe presumably rusts itself to the inside of the old shaft.
You only get 2 new torx screws for the casing - the extras are mine I happen to have put into the bag for now.

So, there you go.
I'll be attempting my repair at the weekend if weather is warm. I expect the hardest parts to be getting the fluid hose off the old fluid pipe connector, and getting the wiper itself off the top of the main shaft - it really didn't want to budge last time I tried to remove it.



1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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