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Was hoping you all could give me some tips on where to go next with an issue I'm having with the driver's side parking/tail light.

It's on an '03 A4 and it is the center light on the bottom row. I just purchased the vehicle a few weeks ago and the bulb was out already so I have no idea of its previous behavior. The replacement bulb blinks when turned on. The bulb does not do this on the passenger side so I can rule out a bad bulb.

I've read it could be the bulb holder so I tried attaching the passenger holder and it has the same issue. So it must be something with the wiring on the driver side.

I've tried running a ground wire directly from the battery to the holder to make sure it is not a grounding issue, but that did not work.

I've checked the voltage on a multimeter and the readings jump all over the place. I'm not sure what this means because I had the same result with the parking/brake light and that one works fine.

None of the front parking lights come on either.

Any suggestions?

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