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Rear Discs - Replacement

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Had a service recently. The garage tried to tell me the rear discs need changing when they renew the pads. The discs look fine to me. They are a bit scored but no major ridges ar the edges or rust.

I this a standard scam or should I listen to them?
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Originally posted by A3 KID@Dec 19 2004, 02:56 PM
If the discs are scored due to the old pads metal then yeah they will need to be replaced as the discs will do the new pads no justice and wear them faster also a good possibility the discs may be warpped again not good for new pads. if the discs look smooth and have little of a lip around the edge then yeah pads can just be changed. next time keep an eye on pads about every three weeks average to notice the wear rate and change before scoring occurs. hope this helps. B)

Yep I think I will just do the pads and then monitor the wear rate. Even if they wear fast then I will know for next time. However being a diesel estate driver I don't brake hard enough to use the rears much.
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