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Hi. New here from Auckland, NZ.

I just brought a 2005 A6 Avant 4.2 Sline.
It has the MMI High 2G with Ipod and TV but no Nav. (has the Nav button) and no rearview camera.

I want to add Nav. and rearview camera.

Because I already have TV what exactly do I need for a rearview camera install? Just the camera and the cables?or do I need to go the expensive route with the interface boxes etc. Any coding needed?

The dvd Nav. seems like a simple buy and install from Kufatec but I want to be absolutey sure it will work here in NZ. Audi have not had a Nav. option here in NZ until late last year and I have only ever seen one working in a 2009 Q7. The map disk has Harmon becker, teleatlas and whereis 'Australia and NZ' written on it. Will this same disk work in my car? or does the 2009 Q7 have a different system? Is there any special 'coding' or 'secret menus' etc I should know about.

I cannot get straight answers from Audi, NZ or Kufatec about this.

Thanks for your help.
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