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Hi all Audi members,

I'm from Australia and I'm a first time Audi owner and very stoked about it. :thumbsup:

I didnt even consider buying an Audi, i was intending to buy a Merc Slk230 2000 model, but one day I was loaned and Audi TT Coupe for the day and i fell in love with it. :D

It was such a fun and zippy car to drive and so much more fun than the boring auto Slk, so i just had to have it. A week later i bought one and im enjoying every drive in it. B)

Its such an attention seeker, and a smooth car to drive and very nifty for parking. My dog Peppy loves it in the back, i fold the seats down and he just lays there and sunbakes as i cruise.

I only have one issue and that is the rattle coming from the rear sun visor on the hatch. Does anyone else have this problem or is this a known fault from Audi. It can be rather annoying and I'm hoping there is a quick fix for it, like maybe adding another rubber washer or something.

I've attached a picture of my new addition.




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