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The Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute (RPI) Rally Club presents:


When: September 10th, 2005 (Saturday)

RallyRPI is presenting its Inaugural RallyCross Event catering to everyone who has any interests in rallying, off-roading, and sports of the like. The purpose is to bring back the sport and spirit of rallying to the Upstate Region and provide an inexpensive avenue for amateurs to participate and the pro's to practice for the next Stage Rally Event.

This is their first event and Washington County Fairgrounds [in Greenwich, NY] is gracious enough to help them with the financial situation. The most important thing right now is to reach the break even point for the first event, and if everything goes well the price will eventually drop and the number of events will go up. Trust them when they say they're non-profit.

Check their website HERE

Please check it out and EMAIL them (or reply to post) for any questions what so-ever regarding this event. They're looking for at least 30 early registrants or else the chances of this event happening might be slim. So far they've got 22. Please spread the word around and get this going! They promise it will be BIG and Enjoyable to all once everything gets on track. Help them make this happen.

Registration $55/Car
Operation is Non-Profitable and based on meeting minimum event cost
Normal Registration Amount may change depending on Early-Registration Outcome

Flat, 100% Grass & Dirt, Fair Parking Lot

Rules& Classes:
Expect at least two classes: 2WD and 4WD

For Mapquest directions here's the address: Route 29, Greenwich, New York 12834

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The Washington County Fairgrounds property was inspected and measured this past Saturday. The perimeter is .4 mile (we were working with a car odometer), this comes out to be about 17 acres to play with (very big). This should enable us to put in a quite a lengthy course. I can't wait.
I am really excited about the course possibilities here!


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Well what do you know, we did get one Audi out to join us for this fine rallycross event, and as a participant, I have to say that it exceeded all of my expectations. It was well organized, and ran like clockwork all day. The weather was perfect and the course was very well laid out. It included some challenging technical corners coupled with plenty bursts of accelleration through the numerous short chutes joining them. The Washington County Fairground's site terrain is fantastic for rallycross.

It was nothing short of impressive that World Media's Senior Programmer Brandon Cheely, brought Peer Impact on board with their new online digital content distribution network to support this inagural event.

They supplied all event participants with complimentary RPI Rally- Peer Impact T-shirts. They were really appreciated by all participants!

I'd also like to thank all of the people that made this event an overwhelming success. It was truly a team effort starting with a small but determined group of college students with a passion for rally and the desire to make this happen, coupled with the support of some of the most experienced people from the northeast rally and rallycross community.

We all owe a great deal of gratitude to the key players like Gus Lin, Chris Brenton, and Ivan and Olga Orisek for their major contributions to make it all work and work well.

Olga Orisek supplied the scoreboard and quickly transferred all of the run data from Tim Chevalier onto it for all to see.

Additionally, Red Bull also came on board and had their Austrian built six wheeler there and also their pickup with the big can in the bed. The Red Bull girls were on hand to chat with and hand out plenty of complimentary liquid refreshment.

For the full posted results and photos on click HERE for the RPI Rally website.

RPI Rally Club is also planning to host a winter rallycross in December, once again at this incredible Washington County Fairgrounds site. Stay tuned for future upcoming announcements.

Michael Kamm
Car #42 Nissan Sentra

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On September 29th to October 1st, the biggest rally event in NY history will take place in and around Monticello in beautiful Sullivan County. One of the best ways to spectate the event up close and personal is to be a volunteer worker. You get complimentary meals, [the firehouse breakfast is awesome], put up in a motel overnight, in other words really appreciated as a volunteer worker. You need no prior experience. First time workers are usually spectator control marshals. You basically put on a supplied orange vest and keep an eye out for spectator safety by making sure spectators stay in designated areas. I'm working on my fifth year there and have moved on to start and finish timing control positions. Much more responsibility, but I like the challenge. In any case, this year's event will be the largest and most exciting ever, with two "Super Special" stages to start and end the rally in front of the air conditioned grandstands at Monticello Raceway with fireworks, etc.

The following is a copy of the worker invite I got today from the organizers.

Message from Rallymaster Ivan Orisek:

Marshal call to action!

We need a large number of marshals for an event of this magnitude.

If you are available to come, regardless whether you signed up
on our website or not, please do the following:

1. Review all information and schedules at

a. Note the Marshal Briefing at Mr. Willy's Restaurant in Monticello
on Thursday, September 29, 2005 at 9:30pm. You must come, register
and meet your Stage Commander ideally several hours in advance of the
Briefing. Please advise us in advance if you will be coming late.
Stage Commanders will conduct the last training session for novices
before the Briefing.

2. Contact me immediately by e-mail and advise the following (I used
to call everybody individually but this has now become impossible):

a. Your full name, address, e-mail and contact telephone number.

b. Confirm for which of the three days you are available and the expected
time of your arrival.

c. Whether you are coming together with another person(s) and request
assignments together.

d. Your requirements for lodging for specific nights. You will receive lodging
for all days of your stay, breakfast, lunch and awards dinner on Saturday, credentials and a T-shirt. Please state whether you will attend the awards

e. Your assignment last time, if any

f. Your preferred assignment this time, if any

Contact me if you need questions. I am available most of the time
at the telephone number below.

Thank you for coming to the International Rally New York 2005!
Help us to make it a great event!

With best regards,

Ivan Orisek
[email protected]

Chairman and Clerk of the Course
International Rally New York
Rally New York USA

International Liaison
United States Rally Championship

Watch the United States Rally Championship
on Motorsport Mundial on

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