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As most know, California has been getting a lot of rain. Evidently, some of that rain has found a path into the heating/ventilation system of my 1998 A8 Quatro. When acdelerating and turning, water pours into to the front footwells (right turn spills water onto the drivers feet, and left turn spills water onto the pasenger's feet).

I am thinking a drain is clogged. Anyone have any ideas here?



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You have clogged evaporator drains.
Symptoms of Clogged Evaporator Drains
The drain lines that carry the water from the drain pan to outside the car can get clogged and fill up with water. Once they fill up, the drain pan fills up.

After the drain pan collects water and a corner is taken while driving, the water spills out of the drain pan on the left or right side. This causes the carpet to get soaking wet or have water literally fall on passengers in the car.

Cleaning out the Clogged Evaporator Drains
Cleaning out the clogged drains is easy. It requires removal of the console side panels and using compressed air, blowing out the drain lines.
Click here for the rest of the DIY solution with step by step pics and a ton of other great tips on the A8.
Good luck
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