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Within in spec and initial consumption is high due to run in.I work on R8 so have plenty of experience of there gremlins and there good points but oil consumption is not a problem with your vehicle.
Allow the engine temp to reach 100 then turn it off and wait 3 mins then check the level, the capacity is 10 litres

I have made this a sticky so other R8 owners can add and also I can kick start the r8 forum.

I have a great passion for R8 and I work on these vehicles exclusively since they were launched.

Having been a member of the R8 TALK I would like to build this forum up and can give technical support and advise and members can give feedback of any problems they are having or just general chat.

The spider will hit my dealer any time now with orders slow at present the v8 r8 used side is very busy.

Also one customer has ordered the GT.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts