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Hello everyone!
I just got a 98 a6 avant quattro and the ln.2 code appears when the car is first started which has been going on for about a week. then yesterday the check engine light came on and has been on ever sence. one other area of concern is that there is a smell of burning oil comming from the engine compartment as if a valve cover gasket is leaking some oil onto the exhaust or something although it's not much because I haven't lost noticable amounts of oil. Finally it hunts at idle. (I found an article about how this is common if the power has been drained from the battery which did happen prior to my ownership.) Other than these littlle things, we really love the car! If anyone has any tips or thoughts, I'd love to hear them! oh yeah, it's a 2.8 2valve per cyl engine. Thanks, Kazmich
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