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Hi everyone!

So, I'm interested in possibly factory ordering a 2011 A4 Premium Plus and the only options that are must-haves is the Bang & Olufsen sound system and the 18" Sports Package.

So, two questions:

1. About the Quattro...(I know this has probably been done to death). Is the difference in the Quattro setup worth the extra money? I happen to live in a desert town, so the AWD seems pointless, but the 8-speed transmission interests me. Is it worth it the extra 2 grand or so? Is there any noticeable change in handling in the Quattro?

2. Secondly, how much time do I have if I want to get a factory order made for the 2011 model? There's usually some kind of cut-off date and I don't want any of the ones currently offered at my local dealers. Anyone have info on this?

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