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Hello everybody,

Well the time has come to sell my 2004 A4 1.8t cvt

Just lost my transmission and im not in a position to spend over 5k to fix.

I would like to get some input on selling the car as a parts car. 10k miles ago my car started to act up and the oil light came on...i called the dealership they said not to worry and drive the car to them to look at. Well on the way my oil pump went bad and i blew my whole engine. Got New engine via Audi. They said the service guy should have had the car towed so they ate the cost. NICE!!!

The car has 106000 miles (new engine 10k, I have all repair paperwork)
EXT: Black
Int: Gray leather
Sport package
cd player, power seats and so on...I have the orig window sticker from day one.

What is the car worth? I don't have the time or tools to part out so please don't ask. the car will need to be sold as a whole car. Was hoping to get a few thousand so i can have a down payment for a newer Audi.

Open to any thoughts or price i should sell it for on ebay..

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