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Hello guys,
As you can see I am a newbie here, so I am sorry if I'm asking something dumb :)
Hope you can help me ...
So I have Audi A3 1,8T (Nov. 98). It doesn't have the display for the bord comp on the dashboard.
So my guestion is.. is it possible to change the daskboard for instance with this one 8L0 920 932 A/H (can anyone tell me the differences between A and H? and yeah I know it's for S3 , but maybe it will work for A3 too ?) + the light's switch ? I know I will be missing lots of sensors like for the oil temperature, the water for the wind shield wipers, breaks, etc ... but still is it possible ? If yes which are the right parts for me? (serial numbers) ... and what else parts/wiring will I need?

Also is it possible to put ESP?

Thanks in advance ;)
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