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I wanted to fit a set of quad pipes to my Q7, after lots of looking around I found Cargraphic | The classic and sportscar specialists | Home Tuning they appeared to have exact ally what I wanted, however have to order via Parr Porsche, now after 4 weeks of waiting the valance arrived, but it looks NOTHING like what I ordered! it looks like after paying £713 I am expected to butcher a flimsy valance they sent and somehow attach a new section allowing quad pipes, of course no instructions with parts!

Well as you can guess I have complained and unless they can explain how I can get anything like what was advertised they are going back for a full refund.

So, anyone know where I can get a rear valance for a Q7 that will take quad pipes, I expect to have to paint the part but not make it out of a aerofix kit
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