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HI there,
Wonder if anyone can throw some light on the following:-

Car has been cutting out whilst driving along - one mech had a brief look under bonnet said the wiring was chewed. Second mech said the wiring was ok but it could be the injectors. In any case was waiting for garage to take car in for further investigation and then COVID hit our household and xmas on top so the car has been left on the drive. Because we have been unwell no-one thought to start the car once in a while so now the battery is dead despite it being a new one.

I wanted to open car to jump it but my key fob is not working so can't open car it just flashes red light on the fob presumably cos the battery on the car is dead? However I can't even use the actual key to open the drivers door, it goes in lock but doesn't turn. Is there a specific way to open the car door with the car never used key before.

I replaced the battery in the key fob in October simply changed the battery and carried on was I supposed to pair it with the car or anything? could this cause the car cutting out as I have read that the key fob is linked to the immobiliser. (Clutching at straws as new injections equals lots of £'s)!!

Any thoughts or tricks to get into the car appreciated.

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