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First, I am looking for a power steering pump. I need one for a 1991 Audi 90 Quattro 20V. The serial number for the pump I need is 054 145 165. PM me if you have it and would like to sell! Let me know what you're thinking in terms of price.

I have two ZF Power steering pumps for sale. One is for the early '90 20V cars and the other is completely unrelated, but maybe someone needs it. I think it's for a VW Vanagon. The serial numbers are:

034 145 165 for the '90 20V pump
7681 955 103 for the suspected Vanagon pump

I have a craigslist ad with pictures here: Audi ZF Power Steering Pumps
PM me if you're interested or if the listing goes down and you're curious about whether I have them.

Sorry for all the posts right in a row, but this forum has been pretty dead lately and it would be hard not to! Hopefully some people start coming around again... although I guess that would probably mean car trouble for people, so maybe the absence is a good sign!
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