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Hi guys,
When I bought my car (Audi A6 2.8 Quatro 1999) it had only one remote key. It seems that it is the remote #2, since when I open the car with it the driver seat will move into the second memorized position. Recently I bought a used remote key from the internet and I have to replace the blade and reprogram the remote in order to be able to use it.
I am wondering if anybody knows how to program the remote and, more precisely, how to program it as #1.
Many thanks!

I’ve read different version of programming, but it seems that the process depends upon the car and remote type (mine has three buttons + panic).
On the original remote I have these numbers:
4D0 837 231 P/ 7075A1
FCC ID: MYT8Z0837231
IC: 4427A-8Z083723

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Remote key programming

Try this, it's from the Bentley:

Programming new remote controls

Two keys and all the remote controls that are to be programmed
will be needed. The maximum number of remote controls that can be
programmed, including old and new, is four.

- Insert first key into ignition switch, and turn it to
"ignition on."

- Insert second key into outer door handle, and turn it to
unlocked position for 10 seconds.

System alarm will emit three beeps.

- Take first remote control to be programmed and press button
-1-, two beeps will be emitted. For second remote control, press
button -1-, two beeps will be emitted. Use same procedure to program
third or fourth remote control. All remote controls must be programmed
within one minute, otherwise new programming will cancel and old
remote control programming will be valid.

- Turn key in outer door handle to unlocked position for 10
seconds, one beep will be emitted.

- Switch ignition off.
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