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Shade Tree Software ProDiag diagnostic for VW/Audi/Seat/Skoda.

This isn't the newest diagnostic software, it's the older V. 1.06.
You can clear fault codes, check ECU functions, change or reset adaptation values and so on. If you go to the website you can see all about the software and it's functions, it's easier than having me try and describe it all.

I bought this software about a year ago and never used it because my brother has one too and I never needed this one. It's new in the package, never opened, never registered. This means all you have to do it install the software on your PDA and then register it online to activate it.

Software sells for $249 plus shipping from Shade Tree. I'll let it go for $200 plus shipping.

I also have an old Palm Pilot V for sale. I bought this used when I bought the ProDiag for my Audi and I have never really used it. It comes with the Palm OS 4.1 upgrade software which I think is already installed. It also has the hotsync port and the charger with all the cables needed. It's in a Rhino-skin aluminium case so it is well protected. I think there are some write on screen protectors with it too. I also have all the manuals for the Palm. This would be really good for running diagnostic software or the like.

$65 plus shipping.

Buy both the ProDiag software and the Palm V for $250 plus shipping.

I do have a paypal account and I can organize whichever shipping company you prefer.
If you need any pictures of the Palm or any of the other stuff let me know and I can e-mail them to you. Thanks.


[email protected]
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