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Hey guys,

I think I have an unusual and kind of unique problem herre.

I own an Audi A4 1.8T Quattro B6

My original engine code was BFB

I've blown that engine a few years ago and I had to replaced it. The mechanic that took care of it told me that he will put a AWT engine in. He claim it is 100% compatible...

Alas, it isn't as I have recently found out.

The thermostat of the BFB is completely different of that of the AWT and it has a lot more intake than that of the AWT.

So, my problem is this:

A AWT thermostat is totally incompatible with my car.

A BFB thermostat does not sit well on my AWT engine and it leaks.

Replacing the engine is not option.

So is there an adaptor or any kind of bulletproof custom method I can use to fit the thermostat on my engine without having to worry about leaks?
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