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Problem One Veers It's Ugly Head

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so i bought my 98 A4 Quattro what 3 months ago. and the first problem is here already

seems that the Power steering is just pouring out whenever i steer the car.

and the closest dearlership is in albuquerque some 3 hours away and they are quoting $2000 for the work.

so i have to say goodbye to the Audi till i can afford a new A6

so i still need to fix this before i sell it
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it just came out the shop the mechanic told me that the actuator unit the shafts are connected to is were it is leaking.

the fluid runs down the right front shaft into the wheel well

as long as i have fluid it is okay but damn man the closest VW or audi dealer is 3 hours away,

i hate how the air force always puts us in these ghost towns
1 - 2 of 3 Posts
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